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Clear transparency

Transparency will pave the way for the most efficient collaboration towards your aim. If you define the basis of the collaboration with VHS Private Office right from the start, you can relax in the confident knowledge that your goals will be reached.

Drawing up a contract

After consultation with you to form a clear picture of your wishes and to assess the value and potential of your property, we will draw up a detailed proposal, including all the services and related fees, to help you achieve your objectives. If your are satisfied with this, a contract is signed specifying the services you expect us to deliver in the management of the project, the fees, the time frame, each party’s undertakings and a confidentiality agreement.

Sole agency

Many clients prefer to appoint VHS Private Office as the sole agency to manage the sale of their estate and to represent them throughout the process because this will ensure the best marketing of their property through a well planned marketing strategy. This includes wide exposure to a range of carefully selected local and international real estate partners, all arranged and managed by VHS Private Office. Peace of mind is the immense advantage of putting the process in the capable hands of a single point of contact.


Our fees are only Success Fees, payable on completion of the sale. They are agreed upfront and depend on the scope of the assignment. They include payment for services rendered as well as any operational expenditures incurred in the execution of the project.