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High Net-Worth Individuals, Lawyers, Private Banks, Family Offices, Corporate Investors…

Our clients from all over the world are knowledgeable, experienced and innovative. They operate in a world of dynamic decision-making and are used to the very best quality of international services. As a result they can really appreciate the value of saving time, money and energy by using a committed team of real estate agents to manage every aspect of their sales process.

Particular needs

The ownership of exclusive estates represents, in essence, life-style projects in which visionary individuals love to get involved. Distinguished clients realise that this implies huge personal, emotional and monetary implications for which they need to rely on the expertise of a comprehensive, objective and trustworthy service team to ensure a flawless use of their property and the protection and maintenance of their investment.


Openness and mutual trust remain the base criteria for high quality personalized services. That is why confidentiality, and personal and professional integrity are non-negotiable elements of our approach and our mission to manage any project from the offset to completion.